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Thanks for making your way to Fine Art Nude Portraits website by Los Angeles photographer Linnea Lenkus. Click here to go to the new website called Boudoir Photography Los Angeles to see the updates images or simply click on the image below. If you would like to commission a fine art nude portrait of yourself contact us here. Just so you know, Linnea doesn’t really produce what they term “boudoir photography”. She creates fine art of your body. Her fine art nude portraits are creative, sophisticated and elegant for the discerning woman.


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Call photographer today to have Linnea create a fine art nude for you. This can be at our Orange County portrait studio or in your home anywhere in the Los Angeles area:

Portrait Studio Huntington Beach, CA: (213) 910-9082


fine art nude portraits

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Boudoir Photographer Southern California

Linnea is called a boudoir photographer, but she is more of a fine art photographer. Her photography sessions are private, respectful and fun. Having over 25 years of experience, Linnea has photographed thousands of women throughout her career. She has an obsession for details and beauty using light to brush a woman’s body and using shadow to paint form. While most boudoir photographers in Los Angeles photograph in a highly sexualized, albeit slutty way, which is considered acceptable, Linnea prefers a classy boudoir photography. You would more likely call her a non-pornographic photographer. Her nude photography embraces classical art photography.